Friday, 6 July 2012

 Podcasting from Malta

I am taking part an ICT course in Malta about using teaching materials in different situations. We covered many areas of methods, but I liked the podcasts the most. These tools can be very effective when we would like to send audio information to the audience and share it to the others.
We studied about a website called , which is an easy tool for making podcast and shering them. They offer different activities after registering:
  • Creating new audio files
  • Uploading existing audio files
  • Editing files
  • Publish them on internet giving link or embed on a homepage
I created an example of my podcasts  about a message of Malta:

I was thinking about a task for pupils connecting to podcasts.
It could be a homework or a school exercise. Everybody should make a podcast about their pet in English. It should be 1 minute long. After they share their links on a given wiki, website or Google Doc. After that the other pupils shoul make a transcript for their work. The teachers may help which pupils do which work. The main goal of this exercise of speaking accurately and writing down others English work. this task can be useful for different levels if the topic is changed (e. g. they can speak about the rotation of the Earth or about the part of the heart).


  1. Hullo, I would like a lesson about Malta's geography and history ! Where do I have to apply in ?

  2. Check this one: