Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Use of first language in CLIL lessons

The following essay is about the use of L1 in Content and Language Integrated Learning classes.
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Evaluation by Francis Prescott:
 "I've read your uploaded essay and I think it's very interesting. Probably you should have made a decision about using immersion classes or CLIL, or explained more clearly that CLIL was a kind of immersion approach - that eraly part is a bit confusing still. And the paragraph order could be made more effective as well, but the main points are well explained and the description of the research results and discussion of them is very clear. Well done." 
Here's the mark:
Thesis & Support: 4,  Use of Sources: 5 Layout & Organisation:4 Accuracy: 4  Vocab/Style: 5 Total: 22 = (5)

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